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Active Directory Password Expiry Notification

Since upgrading my workplace to Windows 7 my department got a lot of complaints from users that they no longer knew when their passwords would expire.

As you’re probably aware, the little balloon box in Windows 7 isn’t all that noticeable compared to the dialogue box Windows XP threw requiring you to actually acknowledge the notice.

Two years ago I hacked a little PowerShell script that sent off a text based email to each user when their password was close to expire.  It worked well, as ugly as it was, but I wanted to build in reporting.  I ended up re-writing it, and today I’m releasing it into the wild.

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Upgrade Windows 7 Professional to Enterprise

I’ve been looking for ways to upgrade Windows 7 Professional to Enterprise here at work so that BitLocker (and other features) would become available.  I was lead to believe that the only way to accomplish this was to format the drive and install Windows 7 Enterprise from scratch, so I set about looking for hacks.

Searching through Google, I found a relatively simple approach that works quite well but takes the same amount of time as a re-install would.  The upside is that it keeps all previously installed applications (and data) which is handy when you have a preconfigured machine.

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Installing ADT on Aptana Studio 3

Since I got my Google Nexus in March, I found myself wanting to play with Android. All you hear these days is the benefits of creating apps for either the iPhone or for Android and I thought to myself that I would like to try.

So after a quick Google search I found myself on the Android SDK page where it didn’t take me long to spot Installing the SDK. I took a look at the instructions and saw that ADP requires Eclipse IDE. I thought to myself that since one of my favourite IDEs is Eclipse based, it would be a piece of cake. Installing ADT on Aptana Studio 3 is easy but requires a couple of extra steps.

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Learn jQuery in 30 Days

Lately, I’ve been introspective on which technologies I’ve wanted to learn.  One area I wanted to make an improvement upon this year was a better understanding of JavaScript and the frameworks that exist for it out there, so I decided I’d look at jQuery.

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A long long time ago

…I used to have a blog.  It was more of a place to rant, but a blog none-the-less.

It started off as a way for me to learn PHP and web development in general.  Wordpress was at version 1.2, and rolling my own web log seemed like a great way to really get my feet wet in learning PHP.  

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